COLUMN: Talking about the generations

Arc of the Cognizant CLXXXIII “Why don’t you all just f-f-fade away? And don’t try and dig what we all say … The things they do look awful cold. I hope I die before I get old.”  — The Who, My Generation “Your sons and your daughters Are beyond your command Your old road is […]

OP/ED: MLA Conroy newsletter includes includes ambulance upgrades for Rossland/Fruitvale

More ambulance services in rural and remote communities in the B.C. interior (bcehs.ca) People living in 21 communities in the B.C. interior are now benefiting from improved paramedic staffing models to enhance 911 responsiveness and provide consistent and reliable out-of-hospital care. As of April 1: Eight communities including Fruitvale and Rossland were upgraded to the […]

Carbon Pricing 101: How it Works

Carbon pricing can be confusing. Simply put, it’s designed to increase costs of burning polluting fossil fuels and encourage cleaner alternatives. It creates a financial incentive for people and businesses to pollute less. Rebates help keep household costs down. As of 2023, 73 global carbon-pricing instruments were in operation worldwide, covering around 23 per cent […]

Weekly newsletter from MLA/Minister Katrine Conroy

This year, the Province is investing $11 million through the BC Air Access Program to support 26 upgrades at two dozen airports throughout British Columbia including the airports in City of Trail and City of Castlegar! Projects include: Castlegar – $1.6 million to rehabilitate the aviation apron Trail – $19,747 to cut tops off trees around the airport […]

Op/Ed: Are you mad about the carbon "tax"?

Editor’s Note: The article below focuses on the federal carbon pricing system; please be aware that in BC, the Province runs its own carbon pricing system, but the carbon price for each is the same, and both the federal and the BC systems have rebates – paid quarterly – to benefit low-income and medium-income households. […]

Monarchy, History, Malady, Memory

We do not make history, we are made by history. — Martin Luther King, jr. Our King “ … divinity … doth hedge a King.” — Shakespeare, Macbeth No one reading this is likely to think a king has anything divine about him, but for Shakespeare 400 years ago, — for subjects in Arabia and […]

OP/ED: FROM THE HILL: Fighting for you

Fighting for you – Its an expression that has made its way into some of my columns and not one I particularly like given that one of my key motivations for entering politics was to bring people together; to work together across party lines to make real changes to make lives better. Still, the sentiment […]

Weekly newsletter from MLA/Minister Conroy

March is kidney health month! This week I met with Castlegar Sunrise Rotary Club members including Gwen Chernenkoff to chat about the The Kidney Foundation of Canada Walk. As a living donor I know first hand just how much this walk raises funds that directly support families. It was fabulous to share my mine and my […]

Letter on Rossland's proposed Short-Term Rental bylaw

The letter below is by  Mike Maturo, who served as Rossland’s Manager of Planning and Development Services from May 2007 – September 2013. Dear Mayor/Council, Two minutes at the March 11, 2024 Public Hearing does not allow enough time to unpack Bylaw 2828 and all of its potential negative impacts. Here’s a synopsis of what […]

COLUMN: Facts about methane (AKA 'natural' gas)

Global greenhouse gas emissions and temperatures are rising, causing more extreme and unpredictable weather and inflating costs for everything from food to health care. Meanwhile, the fossil fuel industry — largely responsible for the greatest crisis facing humanity — continues to rake in record profits. Oil executives want to keep it that way. For decades, […]

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