Column: Aging and Adapting: Elders’ quest for relevance

“Why are people afraid of getting older? You feel wiser. You feel more mature. You feel like you know yourself better. You would trade that for softer skin? Not me!” – Anna Kournikova “When we age, we shed many skins: ego, arrogance, dominance, pessimism, rudeness, selfishness, uncaring … Wow, it’s good to be old!” – […]

FROM THE HILL: It's good to be back

Parliament rose late in June and I must say it is so good to be back at home in the riding enjoying summer and all the benefits that go with this season.  I celebrated Canada Day in Penticton with a record crowd of proud and happy folks taking in the sunny weather, good music and […]

Columbia River Treaty Agreement-In-Principle opens possibilities for restoring river ecosystems

A collaborative of Canadian environmental groups congratulates negotiators from Canada, British Columbia, and the Ktunaxa, Secwépemc, and Syilx Okanagan Nations, as well as the United States, on reaching an agreement-in-principle (AIP) for a modernized Columbia River Treaty. While the agreement-in-principle is just the beginning of the process to finalize — and then ultimately implement— a […]

Weekly newsletter from MLA/Minister Conroy

B.C. invests in family doctors through new medical school at SFU  I know that access to health care is an important concern amongst British Columbians, and across the country we’re facing a major shortage of family doctors. Tackling this challenge has been a major priority for our government, and on Tuesday, July 9, we got […]

Column: Truth in Advertising

The fossil fuel industry has made a lot of false or misleading claims over the years: burning the fuels doesn’t cause climate change, there’s no viable replacement for them, “natural” gas is a climate solution, coal power can be “clean,” carbon capture and storage will make oilsands bitumen climate-friendly… But a new rule requiring industry […]

Weekly newsletter from MLA/Minister Conroy

BC is a great place to live, but global inflation has made life more expensive for everyone. In the face of these challenges, we are supporting people to build good lives here in BC, and are taking action to put money back into people’s pockets through new and expanded programs. This summer, families in British […]

Weekly newsletter from MLA/Minister Conroy

On National Indigenous Peoples Day, we celebrate the many ways the diversity, achievements and resilience of Indigenous Peoples have shaped BC for the better. Today is an opportunity to listen, learn and honour Indigenous cultures, traditions, languages and histories. Here are four ways you can celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day: • Go to a public […]

Column: Undeniable economic case for climate action

Working to resolve the climate crisis is a tremendous economic opportunity. Even normally conservative organizations such as the International Monetary Fund agree that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Of course, the global consumer-based capitalist system encourages waste and destructive practices in the name of financial gain, so the necessary transformational change really requires a […]

MP Cannings speaks to capital gains taxes

Despite doing everything right, most Canadians are struggling —struggling to find a home they can afford and facing the rising costs of groceries and the price of gas at the pumps. All while massive wealth is accumulating in the hands of the very few.  I’ve talked in some of my columns about measures the NDP […]

Newsletter from MLA/Minister Katrine Conroy

Everyone in our community and in communities across B.C. should feel safe and welcome here. That’s why it’s been concerning to me and my government colleagues that throughout B.C. we’ve seen a rise in racist incidents. While we may not always see it or know about it, these types of incidents do happen in Kootenay […]

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