Newsletter from MLA/Minister Katrine Conroy

This week I was thrilled to able to join others in celebrating a significant milestone in the redevelopment of Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital Improved access to healthcare is benefiting individuals throughout the region, thanks to the completion of the Pharmacy and Ambulatory Care project here at KBRH. The new pharmacy is triple the size of the previous […]

Column: Making sense of life, history . . .

Making Sense “The tao that is taught, is not the Tao.” — LaoTzu Does your life “make sense”? Does that question mean anything to you? As an historian, it is my profession to make sense of The Past. For certain, the past that is my life is not exempt from my effort to find meaning […]

Column: Don't be cowed by climate science denial

Climate change shouldn’t be political. The evidence is there for all to see, and people everywhere are feeling the effects. Government leaders from every nation and ideology have signed agreements to address the crisis, and reputable organizations from the International Energy Agency to the World Bank have analyzed the necessity and benefits of acting quickly. […]

Op/Ed: We need to talk more about death

By Susan Srigley, Professor, Nipissing University.  This article first appeared in The Conversation. As a death doula and professor who teaches about dying, I see a need for more conversations about death. A growing number of folks may have heard of the death-positive movement, death cafés or death-friendly communities — each of which are animated by […]

COLUMN: 'Looking up' (or not) won't fix the climate crisis

By David Suzuki At the end of the film Don’t Look Up — in which a comet hurtling toward Earth serves as a blunt metaphor for the climate crisis — astronomy professor Randall Mindy (played by Leonard DiCaprio) says, “We really did have everything, didn’t we?” It’s true. This spinning ball of earth, water and […]

OP/ED: From the Hill: The Truth about the Carbon Tax

These are difficult times for a lot of Canadians.  At the top of the list is the difficulty many have in finding affordable housing.  Groceries continue to rise in price.  And rounding out the list is always the price of gasoline. Over the past three years, gas prices have gone up by about a dollar […]

Newsletter from MLA/Minister Katrine Conroy

B.C. improving credential recognition for internationally trained professionals. Province held a fair credentials town hall with internationally trained professionals, key organizations and advocates to talk about progress made on international credential recognition in health care and the work being done to expand to all sectors of the economy. People come from all over to live in […]

OP/ED: BC's Explanations for Harmful Changes to Grizzly Bear Management Misleading

The Valhalla Wilderness Society (VWS) says the BC government is not being up front with the public about a major intended change to grizzly bear management. The proposed change is revealed in a draft Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework that is currently under public review. Over fifty-five environmental groups and conservationists have signed an open letter […]

COLUMN: Why we need systemic change

When one person has more money than entire nations and 81 billionaires have more wealth than 50 per cent of the human population, there’s something wrong with the system. How can we possibly sustain a global economy that rewards rampant consumerism, waste, profit for its own sake and disregard for the natural processes that keep […]

OPINION: It’s time to banish the notwithstanding clause, the slow killer of Canada’s rule of law

By Jeffery B. Meyers, for The Conversation I have written before that the far-right populist nationalism of the sort that fuelled the events of Jan. 6, 2021 in the United States and the so-called “freedom convoy” of February 2022 in Canada are not outlier events. We live in a period in which the validity of […]

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