Column: Resolutions for a better 2024?

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Anyone resolve to help overthrow consumer capitalism? If we come together and resolve to do better for each other and the planet, we could find a better path. It would be easier if the gas, oil and coal industries and their supporters would resolve to clean up their […]

Column: Don't be cowed by climate science denial

Climate change shouldn’t be political. The evidence is there for all to see, and people everywhere are feeling the effects. Government leaders from every nation and ideology have signed agreements to address the crisis, and reputable organizations from the International Energy Agency to the World Bank have analyzed the necessity and benefits of acting quickly. […]

Info session on Columbia River Treaty now available to watch online

A Columbia River Treaty information session about Low Levels in Arrow Lakes Reservoiron Oct. 18 is now available to watch online. It was attended by by 223 people from communities within the Canadian Columbia Basin including Nakusp, Fauquier, Revelstoke, Castlegar, Nelson and others. We also had a few participants from the U.S. A full recording […]

COLUMN: 'Looking up' (or not) won't fix the climate crisis

By David Suzuki At the end of the film Don’t Look Up — in which a comet hurtling toward Earth serves as a blunt metaphor for the climate crisis — astronomy professor Randall Mindy (played by Leonard DiCaprio) says, “We really did have everything, didn’t we?” It’s true. This spinning ball of earth, water and […]

Analysis: Anti-LGBTQ+ hostility on the rise in Canada

By Christopher Dietzel,  Hannah Maitland, and Stephanie Jonsson; originally published in The Conversati0n In the past few years, people who identify as LGBTQ+ have been facing increasing harm and discrimination. Canada is not insulated from growing anti-queer and anti-trans sentiment. The Saskatchewan government recently passed a controversial bill that requires students to get their parents’ […]

COLUMN: Why we need systemic change

When one person has more money than entire nations and 81 billionaires have more wealth than 50 per cent of the human population, there’s something wrong with the system. How can we possibly sustain a global economy that rewards rampant consumerism, waste, profit for its own sake and disregard for the natural processes that keep […]

Investigation: BC's Energy Regulator and Coastal GasLink

The BC Energy Regulator was given sweeping powers over a suite of provincial laws designed to protect the environment and cultural heritage but documents reveal its compliance and enforcement officers rarely exercised those powers following inspections of Coastal GasLink construction sites By Matt Simmons, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter When officials from the BC Energy Regulator […]

Participants say “Save the Children” convoy leaders planned at secret meetings to capture police and MPs

Participants say convoy leaders held secret meetings where they allegedly shared plans to send convoys to Toronto, Ottawa and Tofino By Luke LeBrun, Editor of Press Progress During secret planning meetings, leaders of a convoy inspired by far-right pedophile conspiracies allegedly told participants they planned to round-up police officers and Members of Parliament in Toronto […]

How to recognize AI-generated misinformation

By Jaigris Hodson, Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Royal Roads University (Originally published in The  Conversation) In my digital studies class, I asked students to pose a query to ChatGPT and discuss the results. To my surprise, some asked ChatGPT about my biography. ChatGPT said I received my PhD from two different universities, and in […]

Column: Planetary Boundaries

As scientists warn that we’ve pushed the planet “well outside the safe operating space for humanity” and young people march for their futures, the fossil fuel industry campaigns to keep its products, and the world, burning. Industry’s push for continued global energy market dominance accounts for the climate emergency in the most cynical way. Most […]

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