Wildsight launches second annual West Kootenay Youth Climate Corps

By Wildsight
July 27th, 2021

Wildsight is seeking to hire a group of young adults in the West Kootenay area interested in tackling unique local projects that address the global climate crisis and support local community priorities.
From September to December 2021, crew members on the Youth Climate Corps (YCC) will earn wages and receive training in leadership, teamwork, and communication, as well as practical skills and certifications for climate-related fields such forestry, food, energy, ecology, and more. No prior experience is required. YCC successfully launched its first crew in Nelson last fall and a second in the Kimberley Cranbrook area earlier this year.
On this team, you will be part of an innovative agroforestry project aimed at generating various community benefits from growing food in fuel breaks created to reduce wildfire risk along community boundaries. Other work will focus on reducing wildfire risk directly by creating these fuel breaks along key community infrastructure and in ecologically valuable forest areas.
Other YCC projects in the West Kootenay area are under development and are expected to focus on enhancing food security and sustainability, efficient energy use, and ecosystem restoration. In addition to their physical projects, crew members will seek to engage community leaders and residents in thinking about how to prepare our communities for a resilient future, while contributing to global efforts to halt and reverse climate change as urgently as possible. For many of last year’s West Kootenay crew members, the connections they made during the program become invaluable for them take the next step in their careers:
“It was truly a unique program that involved physical work, networking with local professionals, and a space for developing skills to help tackle the climate crisis,” describes Kim Molyneaux, who now works in forestry.
Wildsight is thrilled to be continuing with the Youth Climate Corps program in the West Kootenays.
For more information and to apply, visit wildsight.ca/youth-climate-corps. Applications are due by August 9th.

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