Cellphone Service (NOT) Lately

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
November 13th, 2016

UPDATE:  A Telus representative has just informed us that service was restored to Rossland in the morning on Sunday, November 13.  However, She explained that the cause of the interruptions in service is still not understood, and that the Telus “team continues to closely monitor the site and (is) now in the process of determining what caused the spotty service.”

If service interruption occurs again, notifying Telus immediately will help bring their attention to the problem.

Original text:

Troubled by absent or spotty cell-phone service these days?  Telus representatives acknowledged in an on-line “chat” today (Sunday, November 13th) that Telus has been aware of the problem here since November 9th.  However, the Telus representatives were unable to say what was causing the service outages, or to estimate when the problem might be fixed. 

Other people have been told different things — that there is no problem, that the problem is just in their phone, that there are problems with a cell tower, that they are waiting for parts, that they will have it fixed in (x) days, and so on. 

In today’s on-line chat, they did say that there is now a “known issue ticket” for our cell-phone problem — that’s Telus-ese to say that they are authorized to look into the problem, and  are now trying to solve it.  Their engineers are on it.

What to do?

If you have had absent or interrupted cell service, go on-line to your service provider, whether it’s Telus or another company, and do an on-line “chat” to inform them, and to get your name added to the list of unserved customers. 

The more people who inform them of the problem, the more they will be aware of the urgency, and their motivation to do something about it will increase as they think of all their angry customers looking for better service.  And your name will be on a list of disgruntled customers who ought to get refunds.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll phone a friend at the coast.  On my land lline.     

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