Thought-provoking Workshop to Generate Ideas

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
August 16th, 2016

Do you roll your eyes at the word “sustainability” and scoff at concerns about food security? Well, how much of the world’s news have you been reading — or do you stick to celebrity gossip and animal photos so as not to become too depressed about bombings, weird extreme weather and famine in distant places, or about political trends and weird extreme weather in not-so-distant places?   

A workshop on September 14-16 at The Seven Summits Centre for Learning will expose participants to ideas that will be well-known to some, but perhaps brand-new to others.

One of the organizers, Craig DeLong, says “Rossland has come a long way with the Energy Diets and other initiatives through the City of Rossland Sustainability Commission, but there is a lot more to be done. There are still people who don’t realize that reducing their environmental footprint equals saving money and increasing energy and food security.”

The workshop will kick off with a free session on Wednesday evening. Topics will include initiatives related to environmental sustainability of interest to residents and potential local impacts of climate change. The session will conclude with a talk introducing the intent and content of the following 2-day workshop.

Thursday will be Energy Day with talks on different ways to produce energy, such as thermal electric, and ways to reduce your energy use. It includes talks by locals on heat pumps and smaller greener homes.

Friday will be Food Day with talks on wild edibles you can collect or grow, how to improve soils for gardening, and more. Both days have afternoon sessions on developing ideas into solutions.  The full day sessions on Thursday and Friday are $30 each — with lunch included; a link to the registration page and  more information is below.

If you can’t make the day session on Thursday or Friday, there will be a 2-hour evening session from 7 to 9 pm which briefly summarizes the day’s events for only $5.

Register at:  http://www.monasheeinstitute.org/envirosustainworkshop.html.

The workshop is being organized by the Kootenay Outdoor and Environmental Learning Society. We would like to thank major sponsor Fortis BC and local sponsors Alpine Grind, Bear Country Kitchen, Out of the Cellar, Red Mountain Resort and Revival Boutique. We are looking for more businesses to support this event. If interested, please contact Craig DeLong at koelworkshop@gmail.com.

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