Report by Director of Police Services finally released; one additional officer and admin position for NPD

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
March 10th, 2016

One additional officer should be hired for Nelson Police Department said  Director of Police Services, Clayton Pecknold in his report to City Council and Nelson Police Board.

The report, which includes Pecknold recommending the addition of an administrative position, was announced in a media release by the City of Nelson Thursday morning.

“Mr. Clayton Pecknold, the Director of Police Services, has released his decision regarding the Nelson Police Board’s 2015 budget request for an additional two officers and one administrative position,” the release said.

“His decision recommends one additional officer and one administrative position.”

The release went on to the Pecknold also recommended that the Police Board direct a further internal review of the Department’s service delivery model to address gaps identified in the original Police Services review.

“This internal review would allow for the establishment of a Board-endorsed action plan which will include the formulation of a multi-year staffing and resource plan,” the release said.

“The Director suggests that the review examine present positions within the department, possible civilianization where appropriate, a renewal of partnerships with outside agencies and consideration of further shared services with the City.”
The release also said both Police Board and Council are confident that this will have little or no effect on this year’s police budget and will therefore result in no additional taxation in 2016.

The Police Board and Nelson City Council will be meeting together to discuss the decision and next steps.

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