Op/Ed First Nations have right to wildlife resources

Barry Brandow
By Barry Brandow
February 23rd, 2016

I am sending you a news release from the Wildlife Stewardship Council that is a reminder to all British Columbians that First Nations have the leverage to demand their constitutional right to harvest a fair share of the province’s wildlife resource!

How many BC First Nations bands are going to ask in the immediate future the same hunting concessions given to the Tsilhoqot’in First Nations, after all, the constitutional right of First Nations to hunt super cedes the interests of resident hunters and outfitters?

How do resident hunters and outfitters use the Tsilhoqot”in First nation moose hunting concession as an opportunity to demand a transparent review of wildlife management policy?

Successful business men and women hedge their investment decisions knowing that all assumptions come with risks. The BC Wildlife Federation has been the major player in the corrupt hunting opportunity agenda so are they going to go down the road less travelled and announce that forthwith they will support a provincial roundtable that embraces transparency and accountability?

The BC Liberal Government not unlike the Glen Clark NDP Government before them abandoned their statutory responsibility to manage the province’s wildlife resource so will both parties likewise support a provincial roundtable?

Any way you look at the Tsilhqot’in moose hunting decision the hunting opportunity agenda is in the process of collapsing as all ponzi schemes eventually do!

I am in the process of drafting a newsletter driven by conversations with two Washington biologists, Dana Base and Scott Fitkin and Alberta biologist, Scott Stevens and quoting important points in their respective deer management reports to give you more information to better understand why BC wildlife population theory is corrupt.

The purpose of the newsletter is to give you information you will not get anywhere else in an attempt to explain why the province’s wildlife and habitat resource has a grim future. You do as you see fit with the information I send you.

I have displayed your email address because there is a glaring lack of transparency in many of the important decisions on our land base and when there are management proposals that are transparent most of them are deeply offensive.

A good example of this is the current proposal to extend the rifle on the whitetail doe to the length of the whitetail buck rifle season; 82 days in the Boundary on the corrupt theory that a statistical analysis of hunter harvest information, field counts and some population surveys make the case that the whitetail deer population is stable or expanding.

Furthermore I want you to be aware that unlike my adversaries I am making maximum effort to give you a transparent reasoned thought argument that dramatically contradicts government decisions and the email addresses strengthen my argument.

If you don’t want your email address exposed on the newsletter let us know and we will oblige your wishes and if it is a major problem then we will respond accordingly.

Barry Brandow Sr.

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