A (Brief) Press Release From City Hall: the CAO / CFO Position

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
December 17th, 2015

The following press release arrived in the Rossland Telegraph’s inbox in the afternoon on December 15:


Press release:

Dec 15, 2015

In consultation with our Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Ms Cecile Arnott, Rossland City Council has decided to restructure our senior city administration. The two most senior roles of CAO and CFO, currently held by Ms Arnott, will be split into two positions. We will immediately undertake an open and competitive hiring process to fill the two vacancies. We want to thank Ms Arnott for her service to the City and wish her continued success in all her future endeavors. Council is grateful to Ms Arnott for assisting us in determining how to best meet the needs of our community within our limited budget constraints.

For more information please contact Mayor Kathy Moore 250-521-1500 or mayor@rossland.ca


Of course, other questions came to mind and we duly left a phone message and sent an e-mail.  The questions asked included:

1.        Will Cecile Arnott  be staying at City Hall in her current role(s) until the new hires are in place, or is there a set date for her departure?

2.        Will there be any other new hires in the near future – any other positions added to City Hall?

3.        How long  (roughly) do you anticipate it may take to fill the 2 new positions (CAO and CFO)?

4.       Have the ads for the new positions been prepared? 

5.       How widely will they be published?

No answers have been received yet as of the evening of December 16;  but given that Council had another  in camera  session this afternoon,  perhaps answers may take a bit longer than ususal.   This item will be updated when we have more information.   –Editor


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