LETTER: A reminder from the food bank to keep donating

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January 18th, 2014

To the residents of our area:

As I look outside my window this morning, at the heavy snow weighing down branches and bushes, I can’t help but think how the physical trauma of hunger and the psychological burden of not being able to provide for one’s family must weigh on the shoulders of Food Bank clients. We live in a land of abundance, yet members of our community don’t have the resources to feed themselves adequately nor to provide warmth and shelter for themselves and their families. You can help!

You can help with your financial donations, which enable us to purchase fresh products such as produce, meat and dairy. 

You can help with your donations of non-perishable items, such as canned soups, canned meat, pasta, powdered milk, toiletries etc. 

You can help by volunteering your time to help us help the community. We use 8 – 10 volunteers every Tuesday and also have other days of the week/month that require volunteers for preparation work etc. 

You can help by speaking out. Talk to your local, provincial and national politicians about the need for adequate welfare and disability incomes, about the need for low-income housing, about the need for universal daycare and increased pensions. Talk to your neighbours, friends and co-workers about the need for everyone to know what is happening right here in our community and in every community across the country. Hunger is a hidden problem that needs to be brought out into the light of day and dealt with as fully as possible. 

The Boundary Community Food Bank is an all-volunteer registered charity located at the corner of 2nd and Central in Grand Forks. We are open the first 4 Tuesdays of each month from 10 – 3 and can be reached by phone at 250-442-2800. Donation bins are located at Overwaitea, Buy-Low and Extra Foods and cheques can be mailed to PO Box 1052, Grand Forks BC V0H 1H0. 

We live in a land of abundance, but only for some. You can help.

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