Rossland Energy Diet

by Les Carter on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 - 8:03am

Joe Hill Coffee House invites you to come and celebrate the holiday season with us on Sunday, December 21. Our performers are:

  • The Rossland Glee Choir, with a selection of Christmas harmonies.

  • Aaron Cosbey – great voice, fine guitar, lyrics filled with wise counsel.

  • Daniel Chatron –A Joe Hill debut for a new Trail resident with lots of band experience, coming to show off his solo chops.

  • J.P. Sykes – Good grooves, good guitar: the man.

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Local couple give energy savings a boost

Garey Dennis and Tracy Worrall's 1966 home.

Tracy Worrall and Garey Dennis decided to jumpstart their savings this winter by taking part in the

Energy efficiency. Good for smaller footprints.

Energy efficiency. Good for smaller footprints.

As the leaves fall and temperatures dip, you might find yourself wanting to turn on the heat to take the bite out of that chilly Fall morning. But did you know that space heating accounts for about 49 per cent or your home’s total energy use?  This winter you can minimize heat loss and save on your energy bills by following some of our no-cost and low-cost energy saving tips.

City ups its commitment to Fortis Energy Diet

City ups its commitment to Fortis Energy Diet

The City of Castlegar will be providing 50 additional $25 rebates for residents who take part in FortisBC’s Kootenay Energy Diet program, according to an announcement made at Monday night's regular council meeting.

FortisBC energy diets receive large scale support

FortisBC energy diets receive large scale support

Many customers will soon see reduced energy use thanks to their commitment to FortisBC’s energy diets.  In just ten days more than 330 homeowners signed up for the Okanagan Energy Diet. In the Kootenays, more than 600 homeowners are participating, making the region closer to reaching its goal of 1,000 energy assessments.

Part of the success of the energy diets is thanks to local elected officials spreading the word and the benefits.

List of local contractors now available

A lighting contractor meets a young customer at the Salmo ener-vention

If you need to find a contractor who can help you with your energy saving upgrades – insulation upgrades, windows and doors, heating systems and more, the list of local contractors attached to this article is a good place to start.

Local contractors have been meeting with FortisBC PowerSense to find out more about the Kootenay Energy Diet so that they can help you complete upgrades that will make your home more comfortable and qualify you for FortisBC and LiveSmart BC rebates.

Work with a licensed natural gas contractor

Help a friend slim their energy bill and you could win* a tablet

Help a friend slim their energy bill and you could win* a tablet

When you help your friends and family reduce energy waste and save money, everyone wins. Especially you  ̶  because when you refer them to join you on the Kootenay Energy Diet, you’ll be entered to win a tablet computer!

To qualify, you must be a Kootenay Energy Diet participant, and the people you refer must sign up either onlineor in person.

Receive one entry into the random draw for each household that you refer.


Castlegar mayor and councillors register for energy diet - there's still time for Kootenay residents to sign on and save

Castlegar Mayor Lawrence Chernoff welcomes the media to his more energy-efficient home

Two city councillors and the Castlegar mayor signed on to Fortis' Kootenay Energy Diet back in May, becoming personal role models for a program the city is already officially supporting.

FortisBC has subsidized the initial home energy assessment, which is valued at $400, offering it for just $60 for Diet participants, but the city further slashed that to $35 by subsidizing the first 50 applicants.

Kettle River Q&A – Crap in the river

Kettle River Q&A – Crap in the river

In a recent column about sediment I noted that fecal coliform bacteria had been rising in the Kettle River at Midway. Some readers asked me to spell out what that means. Fecal coliform bacteria are a large group of microscopic organisms which live in the intestines of warm-blooded animals, including humans, cattle, and deer. They also live in animals’ feces, or “crap”, and continue living for a time in soil, streams, lakes, or groundwater.

Where Did Blueberry Strain Come From?

In the decade of 1970-80s, when the world was almost obsessed with cannabis and its intoxicating properties, many die-hard cannabis fans as well as researchers dedicated themselves to the task of cross breeding cannabis in order to find its uplifted version.

LETTER: Some perspective on energy dieting

LETTER: Some perspective on energy dieting

Dear Editor,

Ken Holmes’ recent critique of the new Kootenay Energy Diet initiative was puzzling to me, not so much the pedantic detail offered to support his criticism, but rather the difficulty I have in understanding the ultimate purpose of his missive.  The ultimate purpose of the Energy Diet is clear enough: to conserve energy.  That’s good isn’t it?