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January 22nd, 2024

BC Highway Patrol – Kootenay has found a shocking number of drivers operating vehicles without valid insurance. From December 1, 2023, to January 11, 2024, BC Highway Patrol – Kootenay has located 177 drivers operating uninsured vehicles. Each driver received a violation ticket for no insurance for $598 dollars.

As a result, BC Highway Patrol has compiled the top 10 excuses encountered:

  •  ICBC never sent me a reminder.
  •  I am on the way to purchase insurance right now.
  •  I forgot.
  •  I don’t have a decal anymore.
  •  My insurance is paid for automatically, so I thought I didn’t need to renew.
  •  The registered owner is my mom, dad or friend and it’s their job.
  •  This is a company vehicle.
  •  My vehicle is actually insured, but I don’t have the documents.
  •  I cancelled the credit card that was making the preauthorized payments.
  •  I know I don’t have insurance, but I really needed to go somewhere.

Drivers should think about the risks of operating without insurance which include paying a significant fine, being financially responsible for a collision, and expensive towing costs, says the Officer in Charge of Kootenay Highway Patrol, Inspector Chad Badry.

There is a risk of a driver’s license suspension or increased sanctions in court for repeat offences.

Advice to registered owners and drivers:

  •  Owners must renew their own insurance as is not automatically renewed
  •  Drivers should check the expiry dates on vehicle’s documents before driving
  •  Renewal notices are sent only as a courtesy and your address should be up to date
  •  Set a reminder in your phone’s calendar
  •  Documents must be kept in the vehicle or drivers may receive an $81 dollar fine

Insurance can often be renewed online or over the phone. Do not drive the uninsured vehicle to the insurance broker to renew.

Arrange a ride with a friend or find alternative transportation if driving to renew your insurance is your only option.

Taking the bus, rideshare or taxi is cheaper than a $598-dollar violation ticket and towing costs.

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