Grad Keynote Speaker/Olympian Rémi Drolet Has Come Full Circle

Seven Summits Centre for Learning
By Seven Summits Centre for Learning
June 21st, 2022

Seven Summits Centre For Learning graduating class can look forward to an inspirational speech from alumni Rémi Drolet. He returns to his Alma Mater as an Olympian after competing in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Nordic Skiing.

Drolet’s speech is expected to be well tailored to his younger cohort. Although it was only four years ago he sat on the very stage these grads will occupy this week, he has already experienced an extraordinary roller coaster of life’s offerings.

“I plan to be real about it,” says Drolet. “It is so easy to think you have it all figured out, but travelling, competing, and attending post-secondary with many different ambitious and highly advanced individuals is humbling and helps you to grow infinitely as an individual.”

Graduating in 2018 from Seven Summits Centre For Learning, Drolet was awarded the Governor General Academic Award and carried on to attend Harvard University. “I was very prepared for University by learning at 7S, and I felt comfortable in the otherwise unfamiliar and intimidating environment with thousands of learners.”

Taking a break from his academic studies to train and compete for the 2022 Olympics, Drolet pursued a path only to be dreamed of by many athletes.

“Looking at the other Olympians, it was evident what ‘golden focus’ is and how I was amongst people whose names I had previously worshiped; they didn’t seem different, just focused. The Olympics were a challenging and humbling experience, and I only wish I could put words to all the feelings, emotions, and experiences for others to understand. People think we have it all together because we are athletes or strong academics, but we don’t. It is only with the use of that golden focus that we can overcome the unsureness we all feel.”

As the keynote for the Seven Summits Centre For Learning graduation on June 23 rd , Rémi Drolet provides a unique perspective with his genuine, authentic, and real-life experiences. Congratulations to all the graduates and Rémi Drolet on returning to the local stage for a keynote performance.

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