Evolution of Education for Employment Solutions

Seven Summits Centre for Learning
By Seven Summits Centre for Learning
January 26th, 2022

Today’s student is tomorrow’s employee. For this reason, schools prepare students for the functional transition into the workplace and future adult roles.

Personal development for students relies on educators teaching more than just the ‘3 Rs’ of reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also on how to become contributing members of society. Learning discipline, hard work, and accountability makes for outstanding employees. Seven Summits Centre for Learning teaches students to be socially responsible, conscientious, and meaningful members of society

“I like to work because I like to stay busy,” says Kaydance Nowak, a Grade 11 student at Seven Summits. “I have a few jobs. I work at Red Mountain Ski Resort as a lift attendant, the Gold Rush Bookstore as a volunteer, and an online Youth Health Ambassador. Working at Red Mountain is fun because the skiers are enthusiastic and out enjoying a good time. It feels like I am part of what is making their day great. As a volunteer at the Gold Rush Bookstore, I get to work with books which are my passion, so it doesn’t feel like work. Finally, I work online to facilitate meetings as a Youth Health Ambassador through McCreary Centre Society. I really feel like I am connecting with others and making a difference.”

Examples of students working with the right attitude can be found all over Rossland from the coffee shop to the ski hill. Students are hard at work expanding their skills in different job positions.

A flexible schedule also means Seven Summits students have learned that work doesn’t just happen during the school hours. This flexibility prepares students for many work options that are outside of standardized hours. It also promotes a “get it done” attitude that takes responsibility for solutions and does not leave the job as someone else’s problem. By working towards the solution, students are personally rewarded for taking on the task and seeing it through to completion.

“I plan to attend university to get a degree in psychology. I believe this will support my goal of helping people who need support, compassion, and understanding. But for now, it’s interesting to try out different jobs and find what fits and gives me the greatest satisfaction,” concludes Nowak.

Learning to apply oneself, own tasks to completion, advocate for what is right, and achieve the personal satisfaction that comes from doing a good job produces motivation to repeat the experience. As learners in a strengthening educational environment, today’s teenagers are prepared to become tomorrow’s boss.

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