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August 24th, 2021

If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn new skills, participate in the community and provide meaningful support to others, this may be just what you are looking for! Greater Trail Hospice Society is providing training opportunities for locals this September, and wrote up the following Q & A to help you decide if it’s the right direction for you :

When does the volunteer training begin? Tell me why someone should consider this type of training.

Our volunteer training appeals to those who may have lost a loved one, or want to give back to their community in a meaningful way.  People of compassion who want to make a difference in someone’s life in a really personal way are a great fit for Hospice.  Providing respite care for caregivers, company and conversation in our friendly visitor program or becoming involved with grief programs allows for a variety of volunteer opportunities. The Greater Trail Hospice Society has training in the fundamentals of hospice volunteering and Nav-CARE online training both starting in September.

Tell me what the NAV-Care program is, and how this training differs from volunteer training?

The Nav-CARE program is designed to improve the quality of life for adults living with chronic, life-limiting illnesses. Nav-CARE volunteers can help individuals connect with other people and relevant community resources.

Hospice Volunteer training focusses on the fundamentals of supporting individuals and families close to, or at, end-of-life. The Nav-CARE training looks at how to support individuals in declining health but still connecting with their communities. Nav-CARE clients are not in the end-of-life phase.

Do you have to start as a volunteer then move up to the Nav-CARE?

People who want to volunteer can start with either program depending on the type of volunteering they want to do. If they take the Navigator training first, they could take the fundamentals of hospice care training at a later date.  Volunteers in the Nav-CARE program have to have the Nav-CARE training before starting with clients in the community. On-going education and mentorship is provided for both types of volunteers.

Please confirm dates, times, place, and who to contact to apply for training.

Volunteer Training Dates:Sept. 10 (5-9 PM), Sept. 11 (9AM to 4PM) and Sept. 24 (5-9 PM), Sept. 25 (9AM to 4PM) – two weekends, location Trail United Church.  To register call Jen at 250-364-6204 or email at info@trailhospice.org.

Nav-Care Training: Begins Sept. 13. This training will be online and consists of six 1 hour modules to be completed by the end of September. To register call Linda at 250-368-7347 or email trail.navcare@gmail.com.

Also – will there be COVID stuff required? (Masks etc)

All volunteers who have contact with clients and families are required to be COVID vaccinated.

We follow Guidelines set by Interior Health and the BC Centre for Disease Control.


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