Learning Centre sticks to local talent, invests in a collaborative future

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May 17th, 2021

Seven Summits Centre for Learning (7S) has taken the art of collaboration to heart in its latest campaign to invest in bright local talent to build beautiful partnerships.  

By commissioning Trail based, mixed media artist Kimberley Cutler to weave Rossland’s mountain mindscapes into its every day-to-day, the innovative educator hopes to enhance collective identity, strengthen community spirit and support the struggling creative sector.

Vinyl stickers have become the first baby to be borne from the creative partnership which integrates one of Cutler’s original paintings with the 7S brand.  It also represents the first collaborative project for @artbykimboho which she launched in 2019 after picking up a paintbrush for the first time in six years.

It’s hoped that both artist and educator will continue to work closely together, helping to create lasting visual legacies on walls screaming for colour and, as a potential ‘artist in residency’, bringing workshops to students to improve their skills, everyday aesthetics and become a transformational creative force within its learning community. 

“I would love to show kids how to carve their own Lino stamps or paint trees,” says Cutler.

Increased visibility and expansion are the long term goals for this artist who hopes this recent collab will bring more social traffic and custom projects her way.

 “It’s been a challenging time getting my business established with everything going on, but with perseverance and innovation I’ve been able to find new ways to bring my products to market,” says 24 year old Cutler who has lived in Trail for the past three years but grew up in a rural area just outside of Nelson and has been creating ripples in the Kootenays ever since.

“I think collaborations provide wonderful opportunities for artisans to expand their portfolio and establish amazing connections within their community.  Working with other people’s ideas has definitely enabled me to learn and grow as an artist,” adds Cutler.

Having grown up surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes, Cutler’s work is heavily influenced by it: “Incorporating natural elements is a vital part of my process as it brings so much depth and meaning to each piece,” explains Cutler, whose inspiration for the whimsical image used as the centrepiece for her collaboration with Seven Summits Centre for Learning came from Rossland’s mountainous backdrop.

The crystals and metallic layers are a nod to its mining history, the mushrooms and trees elude to its rich ecosystem; and the use of teal and golds are a reflection of its seasonal shifts.  Having invested in a Cricut last year, to ensure total production control, Kimberley also handled the print and cutting of the resulting stickers in-house.

Cutler’s captivating mindscapes can be found on prints, jewellery, t-shirts, stickers, greeting cards, reusable bags and water bottles, via Instagram and Etsy @artbykimboho

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