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Castlegar Source
By Castlegar Source
April 9th, 2021

Ed. Note: Transparency demands I acknowledge that I, the editor of The Source, count two of these authors among my best friends. I find them to be relentlessly kind, thoughtful, generous, and driven to be the best versions of themselves they can possibly be. I highly recommend this book as the product of beautiful minds and massive hearts. ~ Kyra

Three of Castlegar’s own authors are celebrating the recent release of their collaborative book, Fear Less, by hosting an Amazon rally from April 8 – 10. Christine Esovoloff, Lisa Poznikoff and Kristy Keus are all from Castlegar, although Esovoloff and Keus now reside in Kelowna. The Castlegar Source’s Kyra Hoggan caught up with them to discuss this exciting new venture and learn about the book. 

Castlegar Source  – Christine, you are the lead author on this project, tell us about Fear Less and how it came to be. 

Christine – I spent much of my 30s tackling the many fears that had created hurdles for me. Through that exploration, I realized that fear affects us all. I wanted to create a book that would be relatable and inspirational to everyone and that is why we made it an anthology, sharing the stories of several amazing authors, all with a unique perspective on fear. I was thrilled that Kristy and Lisa joined me on this venture, it is nice to have some Kootenay roots in this book. 🙂

Castlegar Source -Kristy, Lisa, what inspired you to join this project?

Kristy – To cross something off my bucket list!  I have loved writing since I could hold a pen. I have always had a dream to one day write a book, I just didn’t know what about. After talking with Christine and seeing her passion, I thought I could take a shot as well. My greatest passion is to inspire and uplift others to live their best life, so if I can help one person with my story I will achieve great success.

Lisa- I wanted to support Christine when she launched her first book, Dear Love. I had attended one of her book signings and we chatted about the process of the project. Years ago my mom had made a comment to me out of the blue that I should write a book. Well, this seemed like a great opportunity to get my feet wet. I didn’t have to write an entire book all by myself so it wasn’t as daunting an idea. Funny, though. It was still scary for me to jump in but I don’t regret it one bit. 

Castlegar Source  – This book covers several different types of fears, what can a reader expect when they pick up this book?

Christine –   This book covers everything from fear of abandonment, rejection, aging, speaking up, failure, success, and more! I think that this book will not only inspire readers to start tackling their fears but also remind them that they are not alone. We all experience fear, and these fears can change as we move through life. This book is written by so many different amazing and talented authors all from different life stages and backgrounds. Their stories are raw, vulnerable, and courageous, and I truly think that this book will be a great read for almost anyone. 


Castlegar Source – Kristy and Lisa, as this is your first book, what was the process like for you? How has it changed you? 

Kristy – From the moment this book started my life began an extremely tumultuous journey. I went from excited about the book to the lowest point in my life and then back up the greatest I have ever felt, experiencing a tremendous amount of growth. Writing my chapter for the book was a great grounding and reflecting point for me. I am so very grateful for the team who stood by me, encouraging me to keep going and help me throughout the entire process.

Lisa- When I first signed on I was a bundle of nerves. All the fearful thoughts went through my head – Am I good enough? Can I come up with enough words? Etc… It was a great experience though. We had timelines laid out for us and very supportive people editing the final chapters. As a group we got to design the cover together. It was such an amazing collaborative effort. This was just another fear that I faced head on and overcame. I don’t know that it has changed me but it has given me a new valuable experience.

Castlegar Source – What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with fear right now?

Christine – I would tell them that they are not alone and that what they are experiencing is totally normal. But I would also encourage them to also take a leap. One of my quotes from the book is, “Whether you follow your dreams or sit on the sidelines, you will feel afraid at times. The trick is to let yourself feel afraid and do it anyway. Allow the fear to crack you open, not break you down.” Overcoming fear doesn’t mean you don’t feel afraid. Sometimes overcoming fear is just pushing through anyway, finding a way to Fear Less. 😉

Kristy – I would ask them to ask themselves what they are truly afraid of. Putting that feeling into words often makes us realize how we are stronger than our fears and capable of taking that first baby step toward crushing the fear and moving on to the beautiful life on the other side. We can all do hard things, and when we have done it the best feelings come rushing in. Just like a set of burpees, some may not like them, but we sure feel amazing when they’re done! Taking the first step toward anything is the hardest. Fear should not hold us back from realizing our true life’s potential. Go for it.

Lisa- Just like Christine said, they are not alone. All of us who contributed to this book have a chapter on our fears. My chapter starts with “Acknowledge your fear then step right through it,” because that is exactly how I do it. That doesn’t make it easy, but it’s kind of like treating your fear as a timid friend and saying, “Come on. Let’s do this together!” The more often you face your fears the easier it is to get through them in the future and – Fear Less.

If you would like to grab a copy of the book, or participate in the rally, you can order the book at https://www.amazon.ca/dp/1989819095/ref=rdr_ext_tmb. Any purchases made between April 8th – 10th will get free gifts with purchase, from writing tips, a chakra guide, and a booty workout! Just email proof of purchase to hello@gbrph.cato receive your gifts!


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