Rossland’s Seven Summits Centre for Learning a perfect match

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
February 16th, 2021

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but the Seven Summits Centre for Learning (7S) in Rossland is using the special day as a springboard for its 2021 ‘matchmaking’ campaign. 

The innovative educational setting is the perfect match for teenagers looking for something a little bit different from their high school education by providing an alternative approach that they and their whole family can love; an understanding, caring and flexible partner which will enable them to get more from their education, and balance learning with life and pursue their own individual passions. 

“There are so many things to love about 7S but results and achievements have got to rank right up there,” said Vivienne Hurley, Marketing Coordinator, Seven Summits Centre for Learning in a media release.

“Since we partnered with Navigate NIDES, 90%+ of 7S students have achieved Honour Roll standing, two have won the Governor General’s Academic Medal and 100% have graduated. 

“When I ask our alumni and cohort what they love most about us, it’s the small classes, the ‘family feel’,  the 1:1 time with teachers; fantastic university preparedness, ‘Free Fridays’ and the flexibility to pursue what they love to do alongside their studies.  So, if you’re not loving your high school education, it’s time to rethink it and check us out.”

The reaction of students to the idea was very positive.

“7S is the perfect fit for students who are looking for a school where they can actually have fun,” says Louisa Leidl, a former international 7S student who attended Red Mountain Academy in Rossland.

Nikita Aistov, a former 7S student who now attends Simon Fraser University, said 7S helped her find my passion for learning and helps students to succeed.

“I’m planning to go to medical school to become a doctor,” said Aistov.

“It wasn’t until I turned my academic career around at 7S that the wishful ambition became an attainable goal” he adds.

“You’ll leave with a new family and love for people that you spent this journey with and I’m happy to know that I was part of that community and its history,” says 7S alumni Curtis Cerovec.

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