Rent freeze extended, pending increases cancelled

Province of British Columbia
By Province of British Columbia
November 10th, 2020

Effective immediately, the Province is extending the freeze on rent increases until July 10, 2021, under the powers of the Emergency Program Act and COVID-19 Related Measures Act.

This is an interim measure to provide stability and advance notice for renters and landlords while a new cabinet is sworn in. Increases set to happen on Dec. 1, 2020, are cancelled, along with all pending increases through to July.

“We know many renters are still facing income loss and even the slightest increase in rent could be extremely challenging. For that reason, we are extending the freeze on rent increases to provide more security for renters during the pandemic,” said Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “We are all in this together, and it is important for both renters and landlords that people can stay in their homes.”

The Province originally froze rent increases on March 18, 2020, with the ban set to expire Dec. 1. All renters who have received notice their rent was set to increase after the March 30, 2020, ban, including increases set for Dec. 1, should disregard those notices and continue to pay their current rent amount until July 10, 2021.

If landlords or renters have questions, they are encouraged to contact the Residential Tenancy Branch at 1 800 665-8779 or by email: HSRTO@gov.bc.ca

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