Trail RCMP forced to destroy habituated bear

Trail Champion
By Trail Champion
June 23rd, 2020

On June 20 at 4:45 a.m. the Trail and Greater District RCMP Detachment received another complaint about a black bear who had become a continued problem in the area of Nelson Avenue in Trail BC. The black bear, which was identifiable by a large and distinct bald spot on its side, was the one who had been recently entering homes and vehicles.

Last week, this same black bear had attempted to enter a grocery store in downtown Trail but was prevented by an employee who managed to shut the doors in time. RCMP followed the bear and watched it eat unsecured garbage around the area and at one point, climb onto a roof of a residence.

Unfortunately, the bear was dispatched when the RCMP deemed it was safe to do so.

RCMP urge the public to be bear aware and do not leave garbage outside of their residence for any reason. Once a bear become habituated to a food source in an urban area, it may have to be dispatched if it cannot be deterred away.

You can be bear aware by:

  • Remove all food sources: like fallen fruit and garbage from your yard and around your neighbourhood;

  • Make sure your outdoor freezers and fridges are locked to prevent access;

  • Pick all ripe fruit immediately;

  • Store your garbage inside or use an approved bear resistant trash receptacle;

  • Only put garbage out on the morning of curbside pick-up;

  • Keep barbeques clean and grease free;

  • Do not leave pet food and/or live-stock feed out in the open. Instead, store it in a secure location;

  • Electric fences can keep bears out of orchards, gardens, composts and beehives, however follow appropriate safety guidelines;

  • Never ever feed wildlife. It can result in a hefty fine if you do;

  • Any wildlife encounter is potentially dangerous. Do not chase or confront animals.

Please report all wildlife encounters to your local BC Conservation Officer Service or the RCMP:
BC Conservation Officer Service non-emergency line 1-877-952-RAPP
Trail and Greater District Detachment RCMP non-emergency line 250-364-2566


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