RCMP free bear from car

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
May 21st, 2020

RCMP said a Trail resident on Topping Street thought that the trunk of her car would be a good place to store the garbage overnight before setting it out for pick-up in the morning.

Police said the owner then left passenger compartment unlocked.

The smell of garbage was too much for a bear to resist, because at 9:50 pm, the Trail and District RCMP were called to the Topping Street address after the bear opened the car door, entered the vehicle, before being trapped inside the vehicle when the door swung shut behind it.

Apparently, the car door was easier for a bear to open from the outside than from the inside..

“The bear did considerable damage to the interior of the vehicle,” police added.

“The RCMP were able to safely open the door with the assistance of a traffic cone and release the bear. The bear left the area.”

The report also urges homeowners not to place garbage inside their vehicles as it is an attractant, and always to lock their vehicle doors.

Locking vehicle doors will also discourage theft from your vehicle — by bears, and human thieves too, the RCMP pointed out.

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