Speeding, snow-flinging, and punching; just don't.

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
January 14th, 2020

Reports from the RCMP:

On January 11,  a resident on Thompson Avenue was angered by the speed of a passing truck and tossed a shovelful of snow at the truck. The truck driver was angered by the snow thrown at his truck, and stopped to express his rage. The two men exchanged a few punches.  The RCMP responded to a complaint about the incident and warned them both about their respective behaviours, without laying any charges.

Just down  the hill in Warfield, another dispute, this time between two women over a parking space, resulted in one woman throwing a shovelful of snow and a few obscenities at her neighbour, who then called the RCMP for help in resolving the dispute.  Again, no charges were laid, but the RCMP caution everyone against throwing snow at other people.

The RCMP release included this paragraph:  “The Trail and District Detachment RCMP ask the public to contact the RCMP if they are experiencing traffic related issues in their neighbourhoods and to refrain from throwing snow at the other party.  Throwing snow at someone else could possibly result in an assault charge for the offender or mischief charge if a vehicle is damaged as a result.”

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