“Chicanery, Civility & Celebration” -- a new book of tales about Rossland launching at Rekindle

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
November 27th, 2019

On December 7,  during “Rekindle the Spirit of Christmas” in Rossland, the Heritage Commission will launch a new book at The Gold Rush bookstore.  A collection of  tales from Rossland’s past, “Chicanery, Civility & Celebration” published by Ron Shearer, will add depth and entertainment to readers’ knowledge of Rossland’s history and some of its past characters.

The launch will begin at 11:00 am and run until 3:00 pm; there will be some complimentary tea and pastries.  “Chicanery, Civility & Celebration” will be  available at a special launch-day price of $20.95; after that, the price will be $24.95.

Long-time residents of Rossland have an enviable bond with the community and its surroundings, possibly – in part – because they have lived a bigger portion of its history and know more of it first-hand.  Newer residents can gain a better sense of the place and its current state by reading about its past.  

Other sources of insight into  Rossland and its past include “Rossland: the first 100 years” by Rosa Jordan and Derek Choukalos, now unfortunately out of print – but the library has a well-worn copy.

Other books on Rossland include “A First History of Rossland” by Harold Kingsmill; and “A History of Rossland and the Trail Creek District,” also by Kingsmill.

Roaring Days” by Jeremy Mouat examines mining in Rossland.

Up the Mountain and Back Again – a Packer’s Tale,” by Wilfred Gibbard and Ruth Gibbard, is an account of Wilf’s job horse-packing supplies up to the meteorological station then situated near the summit of Old Glory, and the fire lookout perched on the peak.

Old Glory” by Ron Walker is another entertaining and informative account of those days.  

The volunteer members of Rossland’s Heritage Commission work to keep the community’s fascinating history accessible to everyone, as does the Rossland Museum and Discovery Centre.  Interested?  The Heritage Commission is now seeking new members.  Its website is another source of historical information;  take a tour through its pages, starting out at:


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