Beware of alcohol, wrong tires in slippery conditions, and soft shoulders

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
November 19th, 2019

Recent police reports demonstrate that alcohol and driving don’t  mix; that “4-season” tires don’t really include the winter season in the mountains; and that soft shoulders are a hazard, especially on the old Cascade Highway. 

A 17-year-old “new” male driver from Castlegar slid his vehicle off the road on Highway 3-B , near Red Mountain, and the RCMP investigation resulted in the youth receiving a 12-hour driving suspension for being impaired with alcohol.  New drivers take note, please:  drivers under the Graduated Licencing Program cannot have any drugs or alcohol in their system when operating a motor vehicle.    

For any who may have forgotten, the news release from the local RCMP detachment explains:

“Alcohol, Drugs and the Graduated Licensing Program:

“Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) drivers who operate a motor vehicle with any presence of alcohol, THC or cocaine in their system face the following consequences:

  • Immediately receive a 12-hour licence suspension.
  • Have their driving record reviewed by the Superintendent and may be issued further driving prohibitions.
  • Will have to apply to reinstate their driver’s licence after any prohibition longer than 24 hours and pay the licence reinstatement fee.
  • Novice drivers will start over at the beginning of their 24-month (N) licensing period. Learners will reattempt all testing.”


Alcohol was involved in another police call-out recently.

On November 15, a little before  4:00 am, RCMP officers on duty received a call about a man lying on the side of the highway between Rossland and Warfield.  They located a 36-year-old Trail man, conscious and sitting up, but heavily intoxicated and without any memory of how he came to be lying — or sitting —  on the side of the highway.  He was taken to the  Trail detachment and kept safe until he was sober.  Sergeant Mike  Wicentowich pointed out in a press release that this incident could have had very tragic consequences, and advised everyone to ensure that both individuals and businesses plan for “a safe, sober ride home if attending or hosting a party with alcohol.”

Slippery conditions, maybe a bit too much acceleration, and the wrong tires: 

On November 16, a little before 4:30 pm, the RCMP attended at a scene near the intersection of Kirkup Avenue and Highway 3-B, where a 2016  Nissan Rogue had slithered across the road and tipped onto its side on the edge of the ditch when turning onto the highway. The vehicle had only “all-season” tires, and the RCMP report noted that “this may have contributed to the loss of traction.”  It was dark and  snowing heavily, and very slippery.  No one was injured; the driver was from Ft. St. John and there were three passengers.  The RCMP remind everyone to slow down in slippery conditions, and to ensure that vehicles “are properly equipped for winter driving.”

Soft shoulders and a roll-over:

On  November 17, just before 11:30 am,  the RCMP received a report that a Yellowhead Road and Bridge (YRB) plow truck had rolled over on the Old Cascade Highway at kilometre 16.  The driver explained that a section of soft shoulder had given way; he and a passenger suffered minor injuries and were treated at the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital.

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