Check your accounts, RCMP advise

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
August 26th, 2019

On August 25, a Warfield resident discovered that someone had made an online application to a bank for debit and credit cards in his name.  He contacted the bank and cancelled the accounts, and notified our local RCMP detachment.   

How did his personal information get into the hands of a fraudster?  He believes that his information may have been stolen in a large security breach that occurred within the past two years.

The RCMP are continuing to investigate this incident.  Asked how the resident had become aware of the attempted fraud, Sergeant Mike Wicentowich responded that routine checking of his accounts uncovered the attempt, and advises everyone to monitor their accounts regularly, and report any suspicious activity they notice – both to the financial institution and to the RCMP.

Wicentowich also noted that there were “significantly fewer” thefts reported in the region over the past weekend, and attributed that to greater public awareness of the importance of locking cars and homes and securing valuable items.

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