Gold Fever Follies: "The Big Boom" is a blast!

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
July 23rd, 2019

The costumed cast of the 2019 Gold Fever Follies posed with members of the Rossland branch of the Nelson & District Credit Union staff in front of the NDCU’s Rossland branch, in appreciation of a generous financial donation from the credit union to help support this Rossland summertime tradition. 

The Gold Fever Follies provide lighthearted entertainment for both locals and visitors, with an injection of Rossland history.  The Follies also provide employment and a showcase for both established and aspiring theatrical talents.

This year, “The Big BOOM  Theory” weaves a few plot elements together in a story about an unusual young metallurgist who travels  from afar to reach a job in Rossland with Consolidated Mining and Smelter –but is denied the job because she’s a woman. Having spent all her money to get here, she’s forced to accept other employment.  Will she eventually be able to prove herself as a trained scientist?  Enjoy the show, and find out.  (Audience members may recognize that the “glass ceiling” that blocked the young metallurgist from employment is not as obvious these days, but is still a problem for many.)

The audience is also treated to the sight of a representation of Lou Gagnon’s “flying steamshovel” invention and its brief flight and subsequent fate.

The energy and dedication of local volunteers has fueled the Follies for 33 years of fun now – along with the talent of the actors and the support of major sponsors, including the NDCU, Teck, Columbia Basin Trust, and many others.

See “The Big BOOM Theory” at the Miners Hall in Rossland, from Tuesday to Saturday, at 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm.  The final performance will be on Saturday, August 24.

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