Sweden's 'Most Innovative Leader' joins Thoughtexchange as VP of Operations

By Contributor
April 17th, 2019

Jessica Nordlander joined Thoughtexchange to scale her passion for innovating leadership and find work-life balance in a small mountain town.

For the last 10 years, Jessica Nordlander has been innovating leadership and helping scale multinational technology companies. Those passions are coming together in her new role as Vice President of Operations at Thoughtexchange.

Nordlander is an Ex-Googler with an MSc in Applied IT and was recently named Sweden’s Most Innovative Leader. Before joining Thoughtexchange, she led impressive change and growth as Chief Digital Officer for global travel group STS Education, in her role as Head of Business Development at Google in the Nordic Countries and as Managing Director for Meltwater.   

Why would Nordlander leave one of the world’s most innovative countries after being named its most forward-thinking leader to join Thoughtexchange? She says it’s about scaling her passion for innovative leadership and finding work-life balance in a small mountain town.

“Recently, I have come closer to a leadership that is authentic to me and have been able to drive massive transformation in complex, global organizations because of it,” Nordlander shares.  “My passion right now is continuing to invest in what makes me my best self and also making what I have learned on my leadership journey available to others. I know the struggle is real for many leaders out there.”

When she discovered Thoughtexchange, Nordlander recognized a company and product that could help her share that new leadership vision.

“Up until now, there have been so many digital tools available to maintain the status quo of management practices,” she notes. “Thoughtexchange is the first tool I have ever seen that actually helps executives lead in a new way and consistently act on things that truly make a difference. It’s one of the most exciting new opportunities for managers looking to drive change in their organizations and an amazing example of how technology can make organizations operate better.”

“You can almost taste the tech startup rocketship fuel in the air.”

Nordlander also says Thoughtexchange shows the signs of tech startup success she’s seen at other companies.

“Thoughtexchange has such amazing traction at the moment,” she says. “The 100 percent year-over-year ARRR growth is just one of them. You can almost taste the tech startup rocketship fuel in the air. The pace is high, change is plentiful, and we are starting to see that we can help corporate leaders drive a massive impact on their companies.

“If I were to compare the environment at Thoughtexchange with a company like Google, for example, I sense the same feeling of psychological safety that is a fundamental baseline for both creativity and maintaining rapid, continuous change over extended periods.”

Nordlander adds that the  Thoughtexchange product is already delivering significant value to leaders across North America who are using it to lead change in their organizations.

Building a true Canadian tech export

“I’d like to apologize to the entire country of Sweden and to Google for stealing this absolute gem of a human,” says Thoughtexchange CEO, Dave MacLeod. “She’s wicked sharp, infectiously passionate and devoted to making a difference while living her best life. Jessica is an awesome addition to our team.”

“I’m looking forward to supporting my colleagues on the quest to turn Thoughtexchange into one of the true Canadian tech exports and make it a billion dollar company,” Nordlander adds.

Best of all, Nordlander gets to embark on that quest from her home in a BC mountain town with easy access to a lifestyle that feeds her soul.

“Many of us are looking for that famous balance—the thing that makes it possible for us to show up as our best self both at work and at home,” she explains. “Being able to live and work in a smaller community like Nelson BC that has amazing access to the outdoors helps create that balance for me.”

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