Too much speed for the icy patches?

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
November 15th, 2018

A local man driving from Rossland to Strawberry Pass passed the scene of a crash on Sunday, November 11, 2018.  He noted only that the road was icy in spots, and that a car had gone off the road and some distance down the bank, and there were a number of emergency vehicles in attendance.

The RCMP report states that the car came to rest on its side, with the driver and her mother inside; the driver’s mother had to be extracted from the car by the Trail Fire Department, but had suffered only minor injuries from the crash. The road contractor, YRB, was notified about the conditions on the road.

A number of locals have commented that the speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour is too fast, especially in the winter, for a section of highway with so many sharp curves and several side roads, not to mention vehicles turning off for the Old Glory Trail parking area, the Biathlon Range parking area, the logging road near the Murphy Creek logging road, the Rossland Range Recreation parking area and the Crowe Road.

The RCMP are asking people to make sure that they have good winter tires on their cars, and carry emergency kits as well – including blankets and food; and to “drive according to conditions.”  In other words, slow down when there’s snow and when there may be ice just around the corner.  Drive as if there’s something precious in your vehicle.  There is.

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