Shocking news: A few Rosslanders can get a free JOLT

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
August 14th, 2018

Bothered by bears, dogs and raccoons getting into your garbage?   Get in touch with Mayor Kathy Moore to see if you can be one of 20 Rosslanders to receive a free electrified trash enclosure from Zaps Animal Protection Systems.  In return, participants will fill out questionnaires about how the device is working over a 12-month period, and promptly relay to the company any images of animals responding to it that may be captured by a camera provided by the company.

Rossland is partnering with the company in this pilot project.

The West Kootenay company says, “Similar to traditional electric fencing, the Jolt uses a very safe yet effective intermittent electric shock to keep animals away from items such as a garbage can or any other article that has a circumference of 26 inches or less, (bee hives, compost receptacles, or small trees for example). The cylindrical cage runs off two D batteries and is constructed to withstand outdoor use.  The shock that animals experience with the Jolt drives them away from the item being protected.  This is done without human interaction, so that a negative and potentially dangerous response from the animal is avoided.”

Animals – whether bears, raccoons or dogs – shocked by the Jolt will be deterred from future attempts to go after garbage, or other items, secured in the electrified enclosures.

Interested?  Call Kathy Moore at  250-251-1500  to get the full details, and see if you can become part of this pilot project.

To learn more about the company and the Jolt, you can explore the website at http://zaps.ca/

Below: a Jolt unit protecting a trash can.

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