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By Boundary Sentinel
May 24th, 2018

Now that evacuation orders have been recinded in many parts of Grand Forks, the Regional District of Central Kootenay Emergeny Operations Centre is advising the public to understand the meaning of the placards placed on their properties following the Rapid Damage Assessments.

The RDKB EOC said the Rapid Damage Assessment is a high-level exterior examination intended to identify obvious risks to life or safety. It was not conducted to evaluate legislative or code compliance or for insurance or financial reimbursement purposes.

Property owners under evacuation order will notice one of these three placards on your door:

Green: INSPECTED – The structure has been inspected for life safety purposes only and no apparent structural or safety hazard was observed that would restrict use or occupancy. A more comprehensive inspection may reveal safety hazards. Please report any unsafe condition to local authorities; re-inspection may be required.

Yellow: RESTRICTED USE – This structure has been inspected for life safety purposes only and found to be damaged as described on the placard. Please refer to the placard for information on why entry, occupancy and lawful use are restricted. Homeowners should consult with a licensed electrical and / or gas contractor to ensure that any flood-damaged electrical works and gas appliances are safe to use.

Red: UNSAFE – This structure has been inspected for life safety purposes only and found to be seriously damaged and is unsafe to occupy as described on the placard. Do not enter, except as specifically authorized in writing by the authority having jurisdiction. Entry may result in death or injury.

Homeowners must consult an engineer or qualified contractor to assess damage.

The RDKB said some properties in the North Ruckle area of Grand Forks had sewage back up in their homes as a result of the flooding.

While all flood water is considered contaminated, residents who know they’ve had raw sewage back up in their homes can visit the BC Government website for information on extra precautions that can be taken to keep safe.

Water bottle kits for testing private water sources (ie: private wells) that may have been impacted by the floods are now available at the Reception Centre at Grand Forks Curling Club (7320 – 21 street) and the Village of Midway Office (661 Eighth Ave).

Municipal, improvement district, and mobile home park water supplies are being tested by their operators. People do not need a test kit if they are on supplied water. Check with your provider to ensure water safety. Some systems are listed on Interior Health’s website others are on the systems’ own websites.

Any questions regarding your Rapid Damage Assessment, sewage back up, or private drinking water testing can be directed to the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary Emergency Operations Centre at 1-888-747-3172.

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