Drug store crash sends woman to hospital

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
September 30th, 2017

A grey vehicle with a male driver crashed through the front of Rossland Alpine Drug Mart on Friday, September 29, sending one staff member to hospital. “We were so fortunate that  the firefighters were doing their boot drive on the street, so they were right there to help.  And Doctor Houde and Doctor Bazley ran across the street right away, too.  Assistance arrived so promptly!” said another drug store staff member who was present but not injured. She expressed gratitude and praise for all the rescuers who helped during the aftermath of the crash. She reported that another woman who was a customer in the store was injured as well, with cuts to her legs from shattered glass. “We don’t know who she is, and we wanted to check up to make sure she’s okay.”

The staff member was unable to give any information about the driver of the vehicle, as all her attention had been on the injured staff member.  “We all thought she would have broken bones for sure,” she exclaimed. But apparently broken bones were not among the injuries suffered.  

The RCMP were unable to provide any information at this time.  So far, the Rossland Telegraph has not heard any explanation of what caused the vehicle to crash into the store-front.   

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