Where to Vote Cards are in the mail

Elections BC
By Elections BC
April 19th, 2017

Where to Vote cards are being delivered across British Columbia starting today, and Elections BC is reminding voters to bring their card with them when they vote.

“Bringing your Where to Vote card with you will make the voting process faster and easier,” says Chief Electoral Officer, Keith Archer.

Registered voters will receive a card that includes the dates, times and locations for advance voting in their district. Each voter’s card also shows their assigned voting place for General Voting Day, May 9.

Elections BC will also be distributing Where to Vote cards to addresses with no registered voters. These cards will inform eligible voters of the voting opportunities available to them and that they can register when they vote.

New for this election the cards will be colour coded to help election officials determine the electoral district in which a voter resides.

Over three million cards are being delivered from now until advance voting starts on April 29. Advance voting takes place on April 29 and 30 and from May 3 to May 6. A complete listing of advance voting places is available on Elections BC’s website at elections.bc.ca/2017-provincial-general-election/where-to-vote.

Voters can also use Elections BC’s Where to Vote application to find voting places close to them and in their electoral district. The application can be found on Elections BC’s website at elections.bc.ca/wtv. Eligible voters can vote at any voting place in B.C.

For more information, visit the Elections BC website at elections.bc.ca.


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