Twas Three Nights Before Christmas

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December 23rd, 2016

Twas three nights before Christmas when outside the city, people were stuck, so the police took pity.

Cranbrook RCMP received a 9-1-1 call from a family travelling from Calgary to San Francisco.

The family had taken a GPS shortcut that took them on a route, that might be used by a hobo.

This wonderful technology took the family of four
On an adventure where their SUV became stuck and over was the tour

A father of four set out on his mighty trek
To call for assistance, instead of receiving heck.

The patriarch of the family walked for an hour,
Sunrise Forest Service Road was where he could finally get cell power

This was his most worrisome and quietest his day was going to be…
And was praying and hoping to be found by the RCMP

The Mounties charged to Sunrise where the cell phone was pinging
When they arrived, no one could be seen the only noise, birdies singing

The Mounties were not discouraged and headed off to Gold Creek,
To the end of the Tepee FSR, to find and to seek

To find this family of four Contable Hagen, Corporal Sullivan and their faithful dog Denim

Went off into the night to find them and get them

They got stuck, they might have swore, but they didn’t give up
When they came upon the vehicle, 20 kms up

The family of four were located safe and sound
They were impressed with the mounties
Who persisted like hounds

At the end of the day the family was glad
They got back on their way
(I bet THAT mom was mad!)

Tonight the Grinch definitely did not steal Holiday plans
Thanks to the Cranbrook Mounties Who always get their man

Although this story ends happily, there are many more stories that end in tragedy

The highway was bare, as bare as can be Why follow GPS technology?

Follow the road, its safer you know
To get where you’re going, go the route you know!

The family could hear a voice as they drove out of site
Happy Holidays to All and to All a Safe Night!

A Collaborative piece by Cst Katie Forgeron and S/Sgt. Lee

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