West Kootenay Traffic Services urge drivers to slow down

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
December 19th, 2016

Kootenay Boundary Region, West Kootenay Traffic Services are urging motorists to slow down and use caution.

In a media release Monday, Sergeant Chad Badry of the RCMP West Kootenay Traffic Services said police have been very busy lately dealing with a number of serious crashes and with the today’s snowfall, police are even more concerned.

“Posted speed limits are for ideal driving conditions,” Badry said.

“Most of the winter, the roads are not ideal which means you could get a speeding ticket for Speed Relative to Conditions even if you are driving well under the speed limit.”

Badry said fines start at $167.

Badry said another common offence for driving aggressively in the winter is Drive Without Due Care which comes with a pricey $368 fine.

“If you come upon someone driving slower than you, ask yourself if you really need to pass,” he said.

“Would it be smarter to arrive 30 seconds or 5 minutes later safely or risk losing control of your vehicle?”

Badry said during the winter driver’s need to plan extra time for travel, slow down for curves, leave extra room between vehicles, and plan to stop at controlled intersections well in advance.

“Even if the roads appear bare, blowing snow or rapid temperature changes can mean slippery road conditions. Our road maintenance contractors do a great job, but they can’t be everywhere at once.”

Badry said drivers should ensure that windows are defogged and all the snow is removed from their vehicle.

“You need to be able to see clearly out of all of your windows before driving. Snow blowing from the hood into your own windshield puts everyone at risk. Snow blowing off the top and back of your vehicle onto the road and into vehicles behind you is extremely unsafe and plain discourteous.”

Fines start at $81 for having an obstructed window.

Badry said with the holiday travel season upon us, police want everyone to arrive safely at their destinations.

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