Message from Mayor Moore: Thoughtexchange Still Open for Ideas

kathy moore
By kathy moore
September 29th, 2016

Hello Rosslanders!

Thank you to the nearly 100 locals who have shared and reacted to over 170 thoughts in Rossland City Council’s 2017 budget discussion. Thoughtexchange has now extended the deadline to October 5th and Council wants to hear from even more of you!

Locals are discussing the Rossland Arena, snow removal, the Trail Aquatic Centre, Rossland’s bike trails, and Administrator salaries amongst other important issues. Join the conversation! Register to read through as many thoughts as you’d like. React to these thoughts by clicking simple emojis and maybe, if you feel like it, share a few more thoughts of your own!

See what people are saying. Visit

https://moonwalk.thoughtexchange.com/mw/270344343   and follow the instructions to participate.


I can’t find my code! Thoughtexchange currently requires you to register through email (don’t worry – we’re not spammers!) and you can find your 6-digit code in your email. If you don’t see it, is it in your junk mail? If you are asked for a 9-digit code (which you shouldn’t be as you’re taken straight into the correct engagement from the link above) you can put in 270344343.

What is the blank left panel all about? This app is in beta and we apologize for some of the oddities! Please ignore your left panel and look to the right in order to participate in Rossland’s budget process

How do I see others’ thoughts? If you share your thoughts first, then look to the bottom for a button that says ‘rate people’s thoughts’, you will be able to review and react to the thoughts of other locals. If you want to navigate back to edit thoughts or re-read the background, just click the X in the top right.

How do I navigate backwards? Click the X in the top right corner and you will be given a menu for navigating to previous or future steps.

HELP! I am confused! Don’t worry, we’re here to help and keen to hear your feedback. Just email feedback@thoughtexchange.com and someone will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for your contribution to Rossland’s future. Please share with all your friends!



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