LETTER: Speak up during government review of Canada Post

Cindy McCallum Miller
By Cindy McCallum Miller
June 27th, 2016

Dear Editor:

Canada Post management has given every indication that they will lock out their clerks and letter carriers and rural drivers any time after July 2. Negotiations have been ongoing for six months and in the spring, management applied for conciliation and requested that process be speeded up so they could lock us out faster.

They have communicated with large volume mailers, which is why you may have recently received robo-calls from businesses telling you to make sure you keep paying your bills whether or not you receive any.

As you may remember, in 2013 Canada Post announced a plan to eliminate door-to-door delivery. That would result in the loss of many thousands of jobs across the country and would have a significant effect in the West Kootenays. Nelson was on the chopping block when last year’s election was called and with the defeat of Harper’s government, Nelson and many other communities had a reprieve from losing door-to-door service FOR THE TIME BEING.

However, it is clear that service reductions are behind Canada Post’s approach to bargaining. On the other hand, CUPW has put forward a vision that would enhance service, solidify revenues and help communities while ending the shameful disparity in wages and benefits for our members who deliver mail outside town who deserve pay equity with their urban counterparts.

Canada Post has been a profitable Crown Corporation for decades and due to it’s unique infrastructure with outlets in over 6,000 communities, it could be a key link for the Federal Government to initiate climate friendly programs across the country. It is old, archaic thinking to impose cuts instead of looking to the possibilities of expanding services for Canadians, especially in rural areas like ours.

The government is currently undertaking a public review of the post office and you can share your thoughts and opinions on line or by mail. We encourage you to make your comments on the review website. Search “Canada Post review 2016” and click on the link or send a letter to the committee at Canada Post Review, CP 2200 Matane, QC. G4W 0K8

CUPW members are proud of the service we provide to our neighbours and are fighting to protect and expand services which will keep jobs in our towns so we can support local businesses and ensure the next generation of workers has an option for regular employment. You can find more information about our efforts to protect the publicly owned postal service at our national website www.savecanadapost.ca

Cindy McCallum Miller

President, CUPW Castlegar Local

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