Cold Pulse Laser Treatment

Dr. Brenda Gill
By Dr. Brenda Gill
June 21st, 2016

One of the worst things for an active person is to be injured and not be able to exercise or someone living with chronic pain. It affects every aspect of your life. Many patients use over the counter pain medications to try and manage their on-going swelling, pain or inflammation. I’d like to tell you about a treatment that has been shown to not only remove the pain, but also heal the area. It is a cold pulsed laser treatment whichuses super-pulsed laser technologythatis painless and promotes rapid recovery from acute and chronic pain. It can be very effective in the treatment of spinal, joint and muscle pain, inflammation, congestion and wound care.  It is used by thousands of medical practitioners worldwide, especially by professional sports teams, because neuromuscular skeletal conditions are common to many of us. We may experience sprains, strains and pain that just won’t go away, resulting from repetitive strains in our work place or from trauma in our everyday lives. Dramatic healing can be seen when laser light is applied to wounds such as diabetic leg ulcers, large bruises, burns and other stubborn wounds. The same tissue healing can be felt for people suffering from arthritis, back pain, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, ligament and tendon issues, disc herniation, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, TMJ, migraines, herpes simplex, post-surgical recovery, locking joints and more.  Laser Therapy treats the underlying condition by penetrating with a dual wavelength to allow superficial and deep penetration of up to 4 inches of laser energy into tissue, which promotes repair and regeneration of damaged cells at the source of the injury. The laser energy is absorbed into the cells and is converted to Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) , which is the chemical energy that accelerates tissue repair.  Once cells are fully energized, they are able to stimulate each other to rebuild and heal the injured area. 

          Also, super-pulsed systems have been shown to increase the production of nitric oxide by 700%!  Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels, so the arteries and capillaries dilate to bring in fresh blood and oxygen to the injured tissue to promoting rapid healing and also removes swelling by increasing lymph drainage from the area. This rapidly decreases the pain caused by inflammation exerting pressure on the nerve endings. As well, the near infrared wavelength rebalances the sodium/potassium pump to remove the pain signal. This means that not only are the treatments effective in reducing pain and restoring function, the benefits of Laser Therapy are long lasting, too. Laser Light Therapy is non-invasive, painless, non-toxic, and highly effective with no known side effects. It is extremely safe and highly effective—studies have shown 90% effectiveness and is an alternative to analgesics, NSAID’s, COX-2 Inhibitors, TENS, Ultrasound, Scenar and Interferential therapy.    

          So, if you have any muscle or joint aches, swelling, inflammation, stiffness or locking, get a treatment that NOT ONLY reduces inflammation and swelling, but, increases circulation to the area,   breaks down scar tissue or calcifications AND repairs the area to an amazing depth of 4”!         

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