High School Students Can Win Cash to Attend Selkirk College in Exam Competition

Bob Hall
By Bob Hall
June 1st, 2016

Exam Competition Could Mean Cash Toward Selkirk College Education

 It’s not every day that a student can make money taking a test. But later this month, high school students from around the region have a chance to earn funds to help them attend Selkirk College, in an annual competition.

The Selkirk College Scholarship High School Exam Competition has been recognizing regional excellence for nearly 20 years with between 40 and 60 students participating annually.

Selkirk College’s School of University Arts & Sciences Chair David Feldman invites high school students to challenge themselves and join in the exam competition that tests knowledge, logic and creative thinking.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for high-performing students to try out their knowledge and skills in a college environment,” he says. “It is also a way that Selkirk College can recognize the accomplishments of our regional youth.”

The exams are drafted by Selkirk College instructors in subjects including Biology, Chemistry, English, Comparative Civilizations, English, Geography, History, First Nations Studies and Math. There are Grade 11 and Grade 12 level exams designed to challenge students at an appropriate level.

Three separate exam periods are scheduled on June 30 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and each student can write up to a maximum of three exams which will take up to one hour each to write.

There is a total of $5,000 up for grabs, with a maximum of $1,500 in tuition scholarships and book credits available to any one student; the money can be used either all in the first year, or over a two-year period.  Prizes for the 12 exams available are:  First Prize, $400;  Second Prize, a $50 book credit.  A student could potentially win a maximum of three first prizes.

To register, please contact Sarah Fawcett by email at sfawcett@selkirk.ca or by phone at 250.365.1310. Please indicate which exams you wish to write.

Note:  Students who have taken the Grade 12 level of a course may not write the Grade 11 level exam.

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