'V-Formation' -- A New Sculpture Graces Rossland

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
May 21st, 2016

On Friday morning, Nelson artist Nathan Smith’s interactive sculpture, “V-Formation” came to Rossland and settled into the courtyard beside Mountain Nugget.  The artist accompanied the  flock on its journey. 

The interactive aspect of this sculpture becomes evident when a person turns the bicycle pedal at the front of the installation and the wings of the geese move gracefully up and down; the creaking of the mechanism is reminiscent of the conversation of flying geese.

The sculpture has been leased, as was the “Sphere of Influence”  beside Revolution Cycles.  The “Sphere” may not be able to withstand the rigours of many Rossland winters, but “Rusty the Horse” is sturdier and has found a permanent home on the boulevard in front of New Edition Café and Books.

The popularity and winter-proofness of “V-Formation” will help determine whether or not these geese also become permanent residents.

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