Castlegar family praying for Christmas miracle - your help

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
December 8th, 2015

Matt Beaudet grew up in Castlegar. He now lives in Alberta with his wife and three children and, at just 31 years old, is staring down a cancer prognosis that gives him roughly a year to live. His current wish is to have his family (most of whom are here in Castlegar) by his side over the holidays, as he undergoes aggressive chemotherapy and treatment.

Beaudet’s battle with cancer has been a long one, and has included an amputation, much lost work time, costly recovery and rehab – so he’s asking his hometown for help.

“It’s hard for me to ask for help,” he said on his GoFundMe page. “I was told that the chemo will not cure me but will give me a chance for more time. I want to survive. I want to be here for all, and there are sooooo many, special times to come for my kids, family, and friends. 

“The funds we raise will be going towards many things like alternative treatments, vitamins and herbs, food, bills, someone to help us keep our home extra clean, travel for family and friends, and all other things that will come up.”

Matt’s Mom, Evelyn Beaudet-Etty, lives in Castlegar … but said her heart is in Alberta with her son.

“We are taking it one day at a time and putting our affairs in order so we can go to Edmonton next week and be with our son and his family for as long as needed,” she told The Source. “We are all so grateful for the support and generosity shown to our families already. We are so thankful and truly appreciate all the prayers, caring and love from everyone. Keep sending prayers and healing for Matt, he needs it so he can fight this horrible beast and be with his wife, kids and family for much longer than statistics dictate. He is a fighter, a hero, an inspiration and a bright positive light in everyone’s life he has touched. He needs everyone to band together and help with this.”

Matt’s kid sister, Ellen (29 years old) just had Matt’s first nephew, and is trying to travel as often as she can, too, to be by her brother’s side.

The ways to donate are as follows:

Mail to:   Mathieu Beaudet,  PO Box 3055, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, T8L 2T1.

Retailers with jars in Castlegar include;  Shoppers, Common Grounds, Total Pet, Mother Nature, Pharmasave, Boulevard Hair, and Selkirk Eye Care, so far….

GoFundme campaign;    gofundme.com/6edqe9cc

And, finally, donations can be made through email e-transfers;Matt-Family@outlook.com

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