Fines for burning spike; new fine for off-leash dogs in city parks

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
August 5th, 2015

The city is cracking down on illegal burning and off-leash dogs, with significant spikes in fines for the former and a brand-new fine created for the latter.

Councillor Kevin Chernoff said the burning fines are an attempt to get people’s attention, as per Fire Chief Gerry Rempel’s suggestion, so they’ll stop creating situations with the potential to be dangerous for the whole city.

“We still have a burning ban – we’ve gotten virtually no rain – things are so dry, and yet people are still lighting fires,” Chernoff said. “That’s just not safe.”

The hikes are as follows:

Burn prohibited material, from $150 to $300;

Start a fire without a permit, from $100 to $300;

Burn during a prohibited period, from $100 to $300;

Burn without a competent adult in charge, from $100 to $300;

Burn without adequate fire-fighting equipment, from $100 to $300;

Nuisance fire, from $100 to $300;

Out of control/dangerous fire, from $100 to $500.

Meanwhile, council has been fielding complaints about dogs, both on and off leash, in and around the Millennium Ponds, and they are both increasing signage in the area and creating a new, $100 fine for animals at large in city parks.

“There never has been an off-leash park in Castlegar, and there won’t be until we build the new one down at Millennium,” Chernoff said, adding it’s safe to say that enforcement will largely be focussed around Millennium Park and Ponds. “We’re getting complaints of dogs swimming in the ponds, jumping at people, scaring people, and pooping all over the place. This is an issue of health and safety.”

This move should also lend teeth to the increased by-law enforcement presence council ordered at the park this spring.

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