BROKEN GOAT -- it was a great race!

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
July 22nd, 2015

Runners came to Rossland from places as far-flung as Bella Bella, BC, Yellowknife, NT, and La Ronge, SK. to take part in the Broken Goat races.  Over 300 people pattered along the race routes in the sunshine, ranging in age from 20 to 56. 

16 of the runners were from Rossland, and one of those — James Crossman — was listed among the “top performances” in the grueling 50 kilometer run, as was Gregory Munby of Nelson.    Another notable Kootenay runner, Leanne Douglas of Nelson, came 13th in the in the 25 kilometer run, and David Hartman of Winlaw  placed  5th in the 12 kilometer run.

One Rosslander, Deanne Steven of Tourism Rossland, commented that doing the 25-km run “cemented” her conviction that she is “not a runner.”  I note that she did cover the distance and did not come in last (or even second or third or fourth last) which to my mind is an impressive accomplishment in itself.  

Congratulations are due to all the runners, regardless of how long they took to finish.  

Rossland runners in the 50 km run were (as listed on the Broken Goat website):  James Crossman, Mandy McGill, Kamren Farr, Jason Rusu, and Julie Crispin.

In the 25 km run, Rosslanders who particpated were:  Krista Svedahl, Carolyn Quinlan, Darren Pastro, Laurie Hunter, Christine Andison, Tenille St. John,  and Deanne Steven.

The 12 km run included Rosslanders Erin Megait, Nicole Briggs, Natasha Stormes, and Rayann Pykerman.

Go runners!   And to all those who came from afar — do come back sometime.  Walking the trails, watching for wildlife and taking in the scenery is enjoyable, too. 

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