GF council votes to have Coun. Butler disqualified

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By Boundary Sentinel
May 27th, 2015

Grand Forks city councillors voted in Monday night’s council meeting to file a declaration of disqualification for Coun. Julia Butler. 

They sent out the following press release this morning: 

Grand Forks, BC city council voted in favour of filing an application to the court for declaration of disqualification against Councillor Julia Butler. 

The petition was filed pursuant to Section 111 of the Community Charter; Application to court for declaration of disqualification and pursuant to section 110, restrictions on participation in conflict. Council further determined that Councillor Butler is in breach of her oath of office. 

Council moved forward with the petition to protect the best interests of the organization and will proceed with the filing of the application to the Supreme Court immediately. 

Although Council will not be able to speak further to this, as the petition will be filed with the courts, council wanted to be respectful of the process and let the citizens of Grand Forks be aware of the situation. 

At the direction of Council, the citizens of Grand Forks were advised at the May 25th, 2015, Regular Meeting of Council and through social media, print media and the city website of the filing of the petition. This is in an effort to keep the community informed. 

Council will share any further information if and when it comes forth. 

A person elected or appointed to office on a council is required to complete the oath of office pursuant to section 120 of the community charter. The oath of office is a solemn affirmation that states: 

I am qualified to hold the office of Councillor for the Corporation of the City of Grand Forks to which I have been elected. 

I have not, by myself, or any other person, knowingly contravened the Local Government Act respecting vote buying or intimidation in relation to my election to the office. 

I will faithfully perform the duties of my office, and will not allow any private interest to influence my conduct in public matters. 

As required by the Community Charter, I will disclose any direct or indirect pecuniary interest I have in a matter and will not participate in the discussion of the matter and will not vote in respect of the matter.


Click here to read Coun. Julia Butler’s Letter to the Editor on the topic. 

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