Trail/West Kootenay SPCA NOT closing its doors, despite rumours

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
April 30th, 2015

Rumours that the West Kootenay BC SPCA, located in Trail, is closing its doors are unfounded and untrue, according to branch manager Danielle Jackman.

“The facility we are currently in needs a lot of upgrades,” she said, adding it is unsuitable for other reasons as well. “We’re next to the water treatment plant – for safety reasons, they don’t want the public up here. About five years ago, they asked us to relocate.”

She said the intent is to find or build a new facility – not to close up shop altogether.

“Now we’re looking at ways to get funding for a facility elsewhere,” she said, explaining they have sent letters to all local municipal councils and regional districts asking to meet with representatives. “We’re looking for anyone who might be willing to consider some kind of partnership.”

She said the branch handles animal cruelty issues for a huge region, ranging from Greenwood to Nakusp to Creston, as well as handling animal control for Trail, Montrose and the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.

“So it would be nice to see some support – but whether we get a partnership or not, we’ll still be providing services for the Kootenay Boundary area,” she said, adding they have some ideas for potential new locations, but the end decision will depend a lot on how much funding they achieve. “We do have a property in Trail already, on Old Waneta Road, but that’s just one option.”

She said BC SPCA has 10 facilities across the province they are upgrading at a cost of $50 million, to which the province is putting $5 million, some of which will be allocated to the Trail/West Kootenay branch. She also said the branch will be starting a capital campaign shortly with plenty of sponsorship opportunities for local businesses and member of the public.

“We’re hoping to be moving by next summer, but we will remain open here until a new facility is in place,” she said. “We’re fully committed to keeping a facility running in our area, and we’d really love to see some support.”

Representatives will be meeting with the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary tomorrow night to discuss partnership and funding options.

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