Bike Safety -- Stay Safe Out There.

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April 30th, 2015

Bike Safety Tips.

Rossland is rife with bicycles!  And the cycling season is upon us.  Rejoice, but don’t let your joy overcome your smarts — ride safely The RCMP have sent this list of  rules to follow for safety and continued good health — who wants to end up in a wheelchair, drooling and gibbering?  Well, that could happen to any of us, but no need to invite it untimely.  –Editor

This time of year  sees an increase in the number of cyclists on the road.  Both adults and children need to become more vigilant when riding their bikes.  Here are some safety tips — follow them, please!

  • Obey all traffic rules of the road and use correct turn signalling.  Cyclists have the same responsibilities under the Motor Vehicle Act as the drivers of vehicles.
  • Do not ride on sidewalks — it’s against the law unless there is a bylaw allowing it, or official signs directing cycles onto a walkway.  See Section 183 of the Motor Vehicle Act.
  • Always wear a properly fitting and fastened helmet. It is the law and can prevent you being severely injured in a mishap.   Helmets do save lives!  And brain injuries are no fun at all.
  • Always keep to the right and in single file, travelling in the same direction as the traffic.
  • Don’t carry passengers.  There should only be one person on a bike. Don’t pull or tow anyone behind you.
  • Keep to the right and ride on the road. Assume that car drivers may be distracted and won’t see you.
  • Be visible and be seen. Wear bright clothing and have the cycle equipped with lights, reflectors and a warning device or bell.
  • Ensure your cycle is well maintained and has good brakes.
  • Keep at least one hand on the handle bars to ensure proper control.
  • Avoid heavy traffic and beware of hazards such as any parked vehicle whose door may open suddenly.  Watch for hazards such as pot holes, vehicles entering the roadway from side streets or turning or entering the roadway from a driveway.
  •  Pedestrians have the right of way.  Watch out for them, and yield to them.

Vehicle drivers are also reminded to be watchful of cyclists and others users of the roadway, and to be cautious and lookout for more traffic on our roadways at this time of year.


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