It was Earth Day on the 22nd. How About Today, Too?

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
April 22nd, 2015

On april 22, people celebrated Earth Day and many of us did actions  to acknowledge and help continue  the life-supporting capacity of this planet.  Here are a few links to articles with ideas to help us be more life-friendly,  more mindful of what the earth gives us, every day.  After all, we need to live every day, and we need  clean water and air, and food, every day.  All the time. 

So, here’s more food for thought about where those things come from, and how our actions affect  the source of them all.

About our  sense of entitlement:


About why  most fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground:


About a free university course on climate change denial:


About how much global average temperature rise is “safe” — or not:


About the scientific consensus on climate change:


There — that should keep us all in reading matter for a little while.  And it’s all interesting material!

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