MP pans 2015 budget as a windfall for the rich

Alex Atamanenko MP
By Alex Atamanenko MP
April 21st, 2015

Alex Atamanenko, MP says he is disappointed but not surprised by the Conservative Government’s continuing tax breaks for big corporations and Canada’s wealthiest few. 

“This budget has nothing that will assist the middle class who are the driving force of our economy, nor does it assist those falling below the poverty line,” he said  “It is disheartening to know that very little has been done to help those in need.  Instead, this government has deemed it more important to maintain the wealth and income inequality it has established over the last decade on the backs of the middle class.”

According to NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, “The only ideas to create jobs in this budget come from recommendations of the NDP, which is committed to improving the lives of those who need a helping hand.  Conservatives have missed their chance to make smart investments that create stable full-time jobs, actual childcare spaces and affordable housing.”

Atamanenko is also concerned that he budget fails to improve access to Employment Insurance, does not reverse the raising of the age of retirement from 65 to 67 and has no mention of an increase in CPP benefits.

Climate change is also not a priority with no plan to live up to our international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emission.

“However, there is hope.  As Tom Mulcair stated, we are only just one election away from easing the burden that most Canadians are facing,”  he said.

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