New Avalanche Warning Issued

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
March 26th, 2015

Special Public Avalanche Warning Expanded

Sections of South Columbia and South Coast Inland regions

March 26, 2015:  Avalanche Canada has included sections of two more regions in the special public avalanche warning issued on March 24. The warning is now in effect for the Sea-to-Sky region, South Coast Inland west of Highway 1, North Rockies, Cariboos, North Columbia and the South Columbia region north of Highways 6 and 31A. This warning applies to recreational backcountry users and is in effect through March 29.

To see a map of the area covered by this warning, click here:


To see the Special Public Avalanche Warning issued on March 24, click here: http://www.avalanche.ca/news/VRHTjCUAADQcpVdL/spaw-150324

For the current avalanche forecast, check www.avalanche.ca.

For further thoughts on conditions, refer to the Forecaster Blog at www.avalanche.ca/blogs.

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