Mail distribution fraud latest scam to hit Nelson, RDCK

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
March 26th, 2015

The Nelson RCMP has received several complaints from concerned citizens regarding a mail distribution fraud currently targeting the City of Nelson and surrounding Central Kootenay Regional District areas said RCMP Cst. Stathis Dimopoulos in a prepared media statement.

“Yellow coloured cards titled “FINAL NOTICE” are being received in mailboxes,” Cst. Dimopoulos explained.

“These cards appear to be personalized to the recipient, indicating that they have unclaimed rewards being held at a distribution center.”

The RCMP said a number is provided and the recipient is directed to call the listed phone number in order to claim the reward.

“There is a warning indicating that failure to call will result in an automatic forfeiture of the reward,” Cst. Dimopoulos said.

“Those who attempt to claim the reward are asked to provide information such as credit card numbers along with other personalized information.”

“Citizens should be deligent in protecting their personal information and reminded to never share it over the phone or internet with unknown people or companies,” Cst. Dimopoulos added.

Cst. Dimopoulos said it is not common practice for legitimate companies to request personal information from their clients.

“If you think you have spotted a scam or have been targeted by a scam, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre www.antifraudcentre.ca or 1-888-495-8501,” he said.

Getting Help and Reporting A Scam

Reporting Fraud, Theft, and other Crimes

Cst. Dimopoulos said people who fall victim of fraud or suffered a loss because of someone’s dishonesty or deception should consider contacting your local police.

And the public should definately contact the police if anyone has had property stolen or have been threatened or assaulted by a scammer.

  • Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus www.ccbbb.ca
  • Canada Revenue Agency – Charities Directorate www.cra-arc.gc.ca 1-800-267-2384
  • Equifax 1-800-465-7166 TransUnion 1-866-525-0262

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