LETTER: School superintendent speaks to carving almost $.6 mill from budget

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March 5th, 2015

Trustees and district staff have been working on the 2015/16 school year budget since January.  On Feb. 23, the first draft of the budget was released.  It is basically a status-quo budget, which means that this draft of the budget maintains everything that we had in the current year’s preliminary budget, with the following assumptions: that government will fully fund all collective agreement increased costs as promised, but is impacted by decreased funding from the Ministry of Education as they phase out funding protection and assumes that the targeted grant to support implementation of the BC Education Plan is removed. With those assumptions, we are projecting a $590,000 deficit. By spring break, the grants to the district will be finalized by the Ministry of Education and shared. At the same time, we will be provided with more details regarding the “administrative savings” that was announced in the BC budget and the resulting impact to our district. Once the financial impact is known, the board may need to revise their budget position (i.e. the projected deficit may have to be adjusted to reflect a higher amount).

Our student enrollment for this school year was less than projected and we are projecting further decline for 2015/2016.  Our preliminary budget for 2014/2015 was based on 3,786 students and we put in place enough teacher staffing for that many students. When this school year started our actual enrolment was only around 3,700 students but we did not reduce any additional teacher staffing even though we had almost 80 less students. Now for 2015/2016 we are projecting about 3,667 students and will allocate teacher staffing accordingly. 

Based on what we already know for 2015/2016, we have made a number of operational adjustments which have reduced our initial draft budget deficit projection from $590,000 down to just over $350,000. The big unknown which remains is what our district will be required to save in addition to this $350,000 as part of the overall “administrative savings”.

In an effort to be transparent, we are releasing a long list of various options still being considered to help balance the budget.  We recognize that the list is far reaching. We also are very sensitive to the fact that many of the items on the list impact employee’s livelihoods. Our desire today is to inform you about what are some of the ways the Board is considering to balance the budget. No decisions have been made.

Over the next two months the Board will continue conversations with DPAC, KCTU, and CUPE representatives as well as the management team.  On Wednesday April 15 at 6:30 p.m at Kootenay-Columbia Learning Centre – Trail campus (formerly known as Trail Middle School) a public presentation of the proposed balanced 2015/2016 budget will be made.  No decisions will be made that evening.  The public Board discussion on the budget’s second reading is scheduled for Monday April 27 at 7p.m. at KCLC as part of the regular Board meeting.  The third and final reading (which does not include debate) is on Friday May 1st at 5pm at KCLC.

Attached you will find a copy of the various items being considered to help balance the budget.  The top of the document highlights the current projected deficit, followed by a number of operational adjustments based on what we already know.  The Board will need to decide which items, from all the various options listed or other items that come up between now and the end of April, it will need to implement in order to balance the budget.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with Trustees or attend the public meetings.  The Board would like to hear your thoughts on what is most important to you about your child’s education, ideas you might have to save money or generate funds.  You can provide input to the Board via the brief survey by completing the survey at this link -> SD20 Budget.  Please take the time to share your thoughts via the survey.  Another option is you can share your thoughts with our District Parent Advisory Council.  Rebecca McDonnell, DPAC chair and parent from Kinnaird Elementary, can be reached via email at dpac@sd20.bc.ca   

Greg Luterbach, Superintendent of Schools


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